Monday, June 22, 2009

Amy Mickelson

It was a sad day in the sports world when Phil Mickelson's wife Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer. Phil had decided to indefinitely postpone his PGA tour to go home and be with Amy. The news of Amy's cancer came out about a month ago. The couple have a young girl named Amanda.

Golfers have grown to love Mickelson since his battle in the 1999 U.S. Open against Payne Stewart. He lost when Payne Stewart made a fifteen foot putt and put his fist in the air in celebration. Stewart then came over to Mickelson and clutched his face telling him "Good luck with the baby. There's nothing like being a father." Phil then hoped on a plane to go see his wife a soon-to-be child. This was four months before Stewart's tragic death in a plane accident.

Phil came back after his recent absense from the PGA and played in the U.S. Open and was trying to win the tournament for his wife. Unfortunately, he fell short. We are pulling for Amy and hope that somehow she defeats the cancer. She is due for surgery in the next week.


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