Friday, April 29, 2011

April Deaths 2011

April Deaths 2011

Let’s take a quick look back at a few of the marvelous people we lost this month. If you feel like adding someone to the list, please do so by commenting at the end of the article.

Phoebe Snow

Phoebe Ann Laub was born in 1951 and died this April 2011. She is best known for her 1975 hit “Poetry Man”, but will never be forgotten. The Phoebe Snow biography reads like a wonderful tale of a person married to her career and life of excellence.

Poly Styrene X-Ray Spex

1958 to 2011

Marion Elliott-Said was an incredible singer in an punk rock band you couldn’t forget if you wanted to, X-Ray Spex. There were only two albums recorded by them, she is given created for sparking the Riot grrrl movement.

Poly Styrene, X-ray Spex bio is like taking a walk back into time with songs like Sex Pistols and Oh Bondage Up Yours

Larry Finch, Memphis


Larry Finch, african-american, as a basketball star was outstanding. Finch & Walton 1973 championship was very special to his playing career. However, as a coach he really excelled. Finch, Memphis winningest basketball coach of all time was very impressive.

The Larry Finch, Memphis biography is one full of dedication, hard work, and a will to succeed in a world trying to hold him back. He had some special years in his life and basket ball including the Larry Finch 1973 season Memphis, Finch 1992 season Memphis elite eight and the Finch 1995 season Memphis sweet 16 seasons. He never won the big championship as a coach, but he won our hearts nevertheless.

Skip O’Brien actor


Skip O’Brien as detective Ray O’riley on the hit show CSI is how he will be best known. And although the Skip O’Brien actor biography doesn’t read like many of Hollywood’s elite actors, he will never be forgotten and missed.

Bill Brill sportswriter


Brill, a North Carolina & Virginia Tech, sports writer had a lot of passion for the game. +Brill covington “roanoke times” herald-sun, worked very had at being the best and giving you a special insight to the game you never considered before.

He once made a comment that inspired a team to do their best. Brill said virginia tech would never win a championship and they set out to do just that. Virginia Tech 2004, acc championship was the result of his words that got them fired up and working on the same page.

The Bill Brill biography sports legacy is a strong one. He has won “Virginia sportswriter of the year.” Brill is considered one of the best in his profession and won the “Francis Award.” Brill has been elected into the “sports hall of fame.” Brill was an amazing man and will be missed.

Tul Bahadur Pun


This was a special man. He received the British Pun Victoria Cross and ”burma star”. His bravery was second to none. Pun Burma single Japanese stand during a World War II battle will never be forgotten by historians, nor those he fought for.

There were many victories in the life of this extraordinary individual, Tul Bahadur Pun. The Pun London immigration appeal is one that comes to mind. The Tul Pun memorial gates chindits was successfully erected. Pun “India service medal” was another that will never be forgotten.

All of these wonderful people left their marks on the world and will never be forgotten. May they all rest in peace. - April Deaths 2011


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