Friday, July 31, 2009

Jon Gosselin Scavenger Hunt

Jon and Kate Plus 8 has resumed filming and Jon Gosselin was seen enjoying a scavenger hunt with his kids yesterday morning.

The scavenger hunt occurred at the Gosselin's family home in Reading, Penn. Viewers are going to have to tune in for this adventurous episode.

It seems Jon and Kate have put their difference by the way side for the sake of their kids. However, some bickering is still going on with regards to the money.

One source reports, “Jon is sure Kate’s keeping money from him, more than a million dollars. He thinks some of the money she’s made from her books and tours has been put someplace where he can’t access it. Jon says he found out Kate had been hiding about $100,000 in cash in the house…. It’s turned into an all-out war over money. Jon says Kate’s books and speaking engagements were based on their children and their relationship, so he rightfully deserves a cut.”

Jon's friends seem to have a different angle on the situation:

“Kate controlled the money for the longest time in their relationship,” a close friend of Jon’s tells Life & Style. “Now I don’t think he’s worried about money at all. He’s taking a bunch of us to Las Vegas at the end of August. It’s going to be wild!”

It would be hard being under the spotlight and having friends spill their guts about your financial situation. Then again, they did sign up to be on reality TV.


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