Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crooked Houses Jon and Kate Video

Thanks to the show "Jon and Kate Plus 8" there may be a new trend that all the kids are going to want and love - crooked houses. The couple ordered them four their kids and bought four of them.

The houses start at $1,249 for an unassembled, unpainted house. Customized homes start at around $5,000 and the houses the Gosselins bought cost around $7,000.

While these are not exactly cheap, after Kate said the word crooked houses, a surge of traffic went to the crooked houses website. Company owner Glen Halliday said that within 60 seconds of Kate saying the phrase ‘crooked houses’ on TV there were 170,000 visitors to their Web site. Crazy!

Since the crooked houses episode aired on TLC about 500,000 people logged on to the site Monday, with nearly 7,000 people ordering catalogs.

Watch the Video Here


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