Thursday, July 9, 2009

LeBron Gets Dunked on by Xavier Player

Lebron was in a pickup game when he gets dunked on by Xavier player Jordan Crawford.

The game took place at the Lebron James Skills Academy. You can imagine Crawford's excitement and Lebron's embarrassment. A video of this dunk would go viral in a heartbeat - it was a two-handed dunk.

Sadly, there will be no YouTube clip, Lebron talked to a Nike exec at the game and had them confiscate all footage. So now we are all deprived of seeing something we would likely only see once - a college player dunking on Lebron.

On one hand I can kinda understand how Nike and Lebron want to protect Lebron's image. Looking like a punk in front of your fans doesn't sell shoes, Gatorade, or Witness shirts. On the other hand maybe Lebron needs to loosen up and not worry about it, it's just a video. We all know he is great, even Michael Jordan got dunked on.

Update: We've got the video:


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