Monday, July 6, 2009

Manuel Zelaya

There will be no return of the ousted Manuel Zelaya of Honduras. The interim government blocked the the runway to prevent the comeback of the leftist ex-president.

A coup was thrown last week when Zelaya tried to circumvent the constitution to allow himself more terms in office when presidents are only allowed a 4 year term in the central american country.

Zelaya feels wronged and is trying to do everything in his power to take back the country. Now that the military showed him the error of his ways he is willing to serve only 4 years if it means he will regain his power.

"I call on the Armed Forces of Honduras to lower their rifles," he said late Sunday at a news conference, flanked by the presidents of El Salvador, Argentina, Paraguay and Ecuador, and the secretary-general of the Organization of American States, Jose Miguel Insulza, who flew there from Washington.

"I am risking myself personally to resolve the problems without violence," said Mr. Zelaya, who planned to fly later to Nicaragua. He urged the United Nations, the OAS, the U.S. and European countries to "do something with this repressive regime."

Mr. Insulza said he "is open to continuing all appropriate diplomatic overtures to obtain our objective."

But interim Honduran President Roberto Micheletti said he won't negotiate until "things return to normal."

At this point all three branches of the Honduran government and most Hondurans are against Manuel Zelaya.

"We will be here until the country calms down," Mr. Micheletti said. "We are the authentic representatives of the people."

One of the Zelaya supporters was shot in the head when he and others attempted to break through a security fence during the protest. There were a few thousand Zelaya supporters at the airport.

It seems unappropriate that the U.S. is backing Zelaya and not recognizing the new government. We are supposed to be a country that upholds taking up arms to overthrow unjust dictators. Zelaya was good friends with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Raul Castro of Cuba. Zelaya was trying to emulate these dictators who feint democracy by bending the rules to his will.


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