Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Awards Pole Dance Miley Cyrus (Video)

At the Teen Choice Awards last night Miley Cyrus may have gone to far with her pole dance.

While performing her song "Party In The USA" she was on top of an ice cream cart holding on to a metal pole and doing moves that could be interpreted as "stripper" dancing. While 16-year-old Miley may not have intended the visual to come off that way, the choreographers had to have known it wouldn't look so innocent.

Fox News is calling it "raunchy and racy." This all comes amid risqué photos of her surfacing online, and after she endured a fake pornographic picture melee as well. She is supposed to have a clean image, but it is starting to look like she could be sucked into the secular pop world.

Another highlight of the night, Cyrus walked away with six “surfboards” for a variety of categories, including Best Comedy TV Actress and Best Show, Best Music/Dance Movie, Best Hissy Fit for her Hannah Montana movie, Best Music Single for The Climb, and Best Summer Song for Before The Storm.


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