Monday, August 10, 2009

Forrest Griffin: Broken Jaw

There is some speculation as to why Forrest Griffin ran out of the ring. Some say it was his broken jaw, others say it was the embarrassing defeat that caused him to flee.

In the UFC 101 match, Anderson Silva knocked down Griffin with a right in hand at 3:23 in the first round. The punch was so severe that it dislocated Forrest's jaw. After the knock down Griffin raised his hand to signal he was done fighting.

After that he bolted out of the ring, even pushing past medical staff. This confused many fans as well as UFC head hauncho Dana White.

“He might be in Georgia by now, he ran out and I haven’t seen him since,” White, the UFC president, joked.

I doubt that he ran away because of shame. At that stage if you can handle a loss, then you shouldn't be in the sport. I think the knock down stunned him and he was in a daze when he was running around. If you imagine how much pain he was in, it's almost like being on fire, you run around acting crazy even though it doesn't help the situation.


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