Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cat Earns GED Diploma On The Internet

Now we've seen everything! A cat earns her GED Diploma on the internet!

MSNBC reported Friday that in an effort to expose diploma mills, the Better Business Bureau of Central Georgia decided to enroll “Oreo” in an Internet GED program. Hey, it’s for the sake of her future too.

The 2-year-old black and white cat, full name Oreo C. Collins, did quite well in her Internet based GED courses. Her owner wasn’t surprised at all to hear his cat earned mostly A’s.

The president of the BBB of Central Georgia, Kevin Collins, who rescued her from a precarious situation when she was just a kitten, said: “Oreo’s a really smart cat.”

It turns out that Collins actually took the GED test for her, but learned that when you miss a question, you’re given a second chance and a hint that makes it glaringly obvious.

As part of the “life experience” essay part of the exam, he included how “(Oreo) always lands on her feet.”
Also written in the essay was the truth behind where Collins found her—in a ditch on the side of the road. The only falsehood on the entire application was that she met the minimum age requirement (18).

The Internet school from which Oreo now holds a GED Diploma is called Jefferson High, which is located in the Caribbean island of St. Kitts. It cost $200 to enroll in the program.

Educators who prepare students for the real GED exam claim diplomas such as Oreo’s don’t hold much real value. In fact, Oreo would most likely be declined entry into most colleges because of the illegitimacy of the school.

Some of the ways to identify GED diploma mills are as follows:

–if diplomas are awarded based on life experience
–if you’re guaranteed that you will receive a degree/diploma within a short period of time
–if the Administration building’s address is a PO Box or contains a suite number


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