Friday, August 14, 2009

Limbaugh, Rove to guest on 'Family Guy'

It's hard to believe but Rush Limbaugh and Carl Rove will actually guest star on 'Family Guy'. Limbaug and Rove are right wing and the show is very left wing.

In an episode being produced for next season, the Griffins' liberal dog, Brian, gets bored and frustrated because he feels he no longer has anything to complain about with Barack Obama in the White House. So Brian becomes a Republican and starts listening to Rush Limbaugh (who, apparently, also sings a song).

"'Family Guy' tends to be very liberal because it's written by liberals," creator Seth MacFarlane said. "So we thought let's give the other side some face time. So we put it out there to a lot of Republicans -- 'we're doing this show, who wants in?' -- and we got some bites. I'm sure the reaction from some will be 'you monsters, how could you have Karl Rove on your show?' "

Why the kind gesture? I'm sure MacFarlane doesn't mind a ratings boost from a bit of controversy from having them on the show.

Here is an interview with MacFarlane:


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