Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Seth Rogen Rejected by Megan Fox

Wow! I can't believe how bad Seth Rogen got dissed by Megan Fox!

The first time Megan Fox was on the Jimmy Kimmel show she was nervous and asked Seth Rogen to stay on so that someone else would be up on stage. Well Rogen thought this would be the perfect opportunity for a kiss on the cheek. He went in for it... and SHE WALKED RIGHT BY HIM!

Man that sucks. Well now on Rogen's next appearance on the show he tells Kimmel of the embarrassment of that night. He thinks it's in the past and no one stills has the clip from the show.
Guess again! Kimmel has the clip, and makes Rogen relive the embarrassment over and over.

Checkout the video:


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