Friday, June 26, 2009

Christopher Gorham Spotlight

Christopher Gorham will likely be an upcoming star in both television and movies. This thirty four year old actor looks a lot younger than his age yet still has the skills of a more established actor.

If you are unsure to whom I am referring to, Gorham plays the male lead role of Henry Dunn in Harper’s Island. Without spoiling the plot of the show, I will say that he is one of the best actors on the show. He is intriguing and real, his reactions to horrific scenes are candid and not trite. Gorham has a wide range of emotions and viewers who watch him feel like they can relate to him personally.

Christopher can play the compassionate boyfriend in Harper’s Island or an mild mannered accountant who catches Betty’s eye on the popular T.V. show Ugly Betty.

It was shocking that I had never heard of Christopher Gorham before the season of Harper’s Island. He does and outstanding job and should be able to find lots of work in Hollywood now that he has been on two successful shows.

He was also in Out of Practice and Jake 2.0 (as the main character). Evidently Jake 2.0 only lasted one season, but Gorham didn’t give up on his acting career due to one failed show and look where it got him.

Now he has been gaining tremendous popularity and has a role in his first movie My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend. He is rumored to play a big role as Ethan (one of the main characters) alongside Alyssa Milano. The film sounds like a romantic comedy and could be just the thing to really launch Gorham into the Hollywood spotlight.

We are intrigued to see the rest of Harper’s Island and hopefully Gorham doesn’t get killed off. We also wish him the best in all his endeavors in his future movie career.


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