Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swedish Countess and $99 Million Divorce

One Swedish Countess is making her divorce very expensive for her spouse, she is asking for $99 Million.

The chairman of United Technologies Corporation and his estranged wife have returned to a Hartford courtroom as their ugly divorce battle continues.

The trial started in March and resumed on Monday, marking the seventh day of testimony in the attempt to divide the assets of David, 67 and Douglas-David, 35.

She is a Swedish countess and former Wall Street analyst who married David in 2002 during a civil ceremony in Greenwich and signed a $43 million postnuptial agreement back in 2005.

However, the Swedish Countess is now seeking $99 million. According to the Countess, her weekly living expenses cost $53,000 and she feels entitled to more money because she served as an unofficial consultant for business matters.

My question is why 99? Why not get the full $100 million?


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