Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nicolas Cage Tax Bill $6.2M!

Nicolas Cage has dug himself into quite a dilemma, he owes a $6.2 Million Tax Bill!

According to IRS reports from 2007, Cage started to fall behind on his taxes that year.
He allegedly failed to pay $6,257,005 in income taxes that year.

To pay the multi-million dollar tax bill, he plans to sell his house in Louisiana.

The state of Louisiana has reportedly put a lien on the home, which is only worth a portion of the $6.2 million he already owes. If the government is able to cash in on the $3.55 million dollar home, Cage will still owe $2.65 million.

Nicolas Cage has had tax trouble before. In September of 2008 the IRS made allegations that he improperly deducted personal expenses. That claim resulted in an agreement by Cage to pay more than half a million dollars in back taxes, including interest and penalties.


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