Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hailey Glassman

By now I'm sure the whole world knows about Jon Gosselin and his new 22 year old girlfriend Hailey Glassman, but if you saw the pictures of Jon and Hailey holding hands in France you missed something. Look at the pictures again very carefully and see for yourself what Hailey is wearing on her finger (on the left hand). To me this really looks like a very nice pre-engagement or engagement ring. Jon Gosselin sure does move fast if this is a proposal. I just can't believe after all the hype over the pictures of Jon and Hailey in France that nobody picked up on this yet. How can you miss a huge bling like that?

I guess Jon Gosselin had enough fooling around with DeAnna and now wants to settle down with Hailey. Jon and Kate were married for 10 years and to move this quick after a divorce to me is kind of pitiful in a way, but we are all human and want to have some kind of love in our life. The question I feel is very important is how long was Jon actually fooling around with Hailey? If they were just dating for a few weeks I really don't think Jon Gosselin would of gave her a ring just yet, so he must have been with her while he was with Kate and DeAnna. The real truth always comes out in end not that I care. Is this a good move for Jon Gosselin while he is in the divorce process? I personally don't think so, but you have to remember Jon and many other celebrities are out for as much popularity as possible to keep them hooked.

Supposedly the ring that Jon Gosselin gave Hailey was an 180,000 dollar designer ring made by Edouard Nahum. The ring looks like it has white diamonds, black diamonds, and a skull. That's what I see anyway. What on earth was Jon thinking? The next thing we are going to hear this week will be that Jon and Hailey want to get married in Vegas and they already picked out their wedding date. I wouldn't be surprised in the least, but one good thing for Kate would be to have Jon and the pot queen get married. Then Kate has better luck of winning it all against Jon. All we need to hear is that Hailey is pregnant then it will be a huge mess for all.


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