Friday, July 17, 2009

Steve McNair Will

Steve McNair Will…a popular search today that leaves everyone baffled as to why the former NFL quarterback did not have one.

McNair’s wife, Mechelle McNair, filed an emergency petition in a Nashville court stating that there is no Steve McNair will and she wanted to oversee his estate.

Her request was granted to administer the Steve McNair Estate, to which she listed herself and their two sons, Tyler, 11, and Trenton, 6, as the heirs.

Steve has two older sons from previous relationships, Steven L. McNair Jr. and Steven O’Brian Koran McNair, both of whom live in Mississippi. Neither mother of McNair Jr. or Koran McNair have filed documents with the court. Interestingly enough, child support documents were not found in the courts of Mississippi either.

Judge Randy Kennedy has given her 60 days to provide an inventory of McNair’s assets. She has stated that she is unsure of his net worth.

Mechelle McNair’s attorney, David Callahan, said:

“I am sure that in due course there will be a discussion with everyone who has an interest in the estate. At this point, there has not been any formal discussion.”

McNair, who was shot dead by his girlfriend who then killed herself on July 4th, was laid to rest this past Sunday.


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